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BAND DESCRIPTION: Bounce is ten musical components along with a professional sound engineer. It features five lead vocalists three of whom are female fronts the other two play bass and keyboards. The rhythm section is rounded out with a drummer and guitarist and there is a 3-piece horn section.

The band members, originating from Philadelphia, are talented, energetic, seasoned professional and well-traveled vocalists and musicians. The band has been together for thirteen years and has performed for over one thousand wedding receptions, corporate events, private parties and top of the line affaires through out the Tri-State, New York and Maryland areas.cting the options from the toolbar.

MUSIC: Bounce’s versatile repertoire is the main reason why the dance floor is always jumping at their performances. Bounce basically structures their song selections with a variety of songs that continue to get positive results according to the crowd response. So basically you are getting a continual “custom mix” as per your guests various age demographics!                              The various popular genres would include: Contemporary dance music from the 40’s thru the 2000’s, familiar standards, motown, classic rock, traditional ethnic and specialty songs by request and present day pop/top 40. We estimate that an average of 50 songs will be played during the typical wedding reception, corporate affair and private party, which also include the dinner set.

COCKTAILS: We provide one of the most popular cocktail ensemble choices featuring a sax and pianist creating a melodic ambiance that is perfect for any cocktail hour.

EMCEE/ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bounce has two qualified band members who will make all of your introductions and announcements through out your reception. Our sound tech will also provide a wireless mike for your speeches, toasts, blessings etc…

EQUIPMENT: Equipment is state-of-the-art but very compact and will typically arrive 2 to 3 hours prior to the arrival of your guests. Also, Bounce’s Sound Company will and can supply wireless mikes and speakers for your ceremony as long as it is within the same facility as the reception and is also stated in the contract in advance.

FIRST DANCE: Bounce is committed to performing your wedding's first dance song providing you give the band at least eight weeks notice in advance on what song you have chosen and also providing it can do said song justice within a live performance. Bounce reserves the right to be able to make such a decision and then inform you of this decision if it should occur, which is extremely rare. If you’d prefer, our audio engineer can also play the original CD version. Also, we will need to know in advance what the parents dance songs will be and if you require specific songs for your bridal party, parents and bride and groom entrances.

BAND MEMBERS: Bounce consistently performs with the same band members. However, in the event of an unlikely emergency or unforeseen illness, you can rest assured that a suitable replacement from our access to an extensive network of the finest musicians in the Philadelphia area will be employed for your event.

CONTINUOUS MUSIC: Bounce does not perform continuous music at our wedding events. Let us explain why so you will fully understand…..... The way continuous music works is really more detrimental to the energy and vibe of your event than you may think. Bands doing a continuous music engagement will perform with a certain number of musicians always on stage, while the other band members alternate breaks at various intervals throughout the evening, which in the absence of the musicians on break, significantly limits their repertoire instead of the songs best suited for the wedding reception, private party, or corporate event. The full band is rarely on stage together and this begins to take a toll on the bands energy as the night moves on. This is just not fair to you and your guests who are looking to be entertained by a top-notch band with full verve and energy all night long!

Bounce, on the other hand, creates the type of party our wedding and corporate clients prefer by performing a ninety minute dinner set with the full band on stage until the main course is served, breaking only for the band to eat dinner, of which background music is played through our sound system which provides a comfortable volume for the guests to converse, and then returning to complete the night by performing a two and a half hour dance set after the main entrée is completed. [A short 5 to 10 minute break will occur after the first hour and 45 mins]. Again our sound engineer will provide music during this short break.

So with the continuous music format expalined, the overwhelming majority of our wedding and corporate clients will always choose our more traditional format instead of the continuous music format, once they realize that they are not really getting their “moneys worth” so to speak.

INSURANCE: A certificate of liability insurance can be provided to your facility if required.

PRICE: Rates are determined by the month, day of the week, time of day and location for which an event is scheduled. For more information, please speak to our bandleader Rudy Bishop.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our bandleader Rudy Bishop.

His contact info is on our contact page.

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